Nuon Films Virtual Production Collaboration

Virtual Production gives filmmakers more options when working on set in these trying times. 3rd Realm Creations, in collaboration with Nuon Films, tested out a virtual production workflow in Mobile, AL. It combined what we knew best: VR technology and cinematography. We were able to switch locations at the drop of a hat, giving us the ability to portray multiple areas in a single shoot day without actually moving the crew from set to set. It kept crew size smaller and more efficient. Because of the smaller size and single location, it made the crew much more manageable, which is crucial with all the new COVID guidelines to follow.

Our studio plans to streamline the workflow we tested. Every department is involved early on to ensure a smooth production. Pre-production may seem more robust than what most are used to but time and money will be saved with a faster production as well as post-production. Virtual production is the next evolution in filmmaking and we are trying to be at the forefront of this ever-changing technology.

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