3rd Realm Creations is an innovative company exploring the exciting new world of Augmented and Virtual Reality.

3rd Realm Creations utilizes the best in VR technology from all industry leaders.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality is the use of technical devices to enhance your real world experience.  Whether it be a mobile device app or an entire headset, Augmented Reality can allow people to experience their normal world in new and exciting ways.

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality differs from Augmented Reality in that VR places you inside an entirely fabricated world or universe. Strictly limited to headset devices, VR takes advantage of advanced 3D and high resolution imaging to make the person wearing the headset feel as if they are actually within the world being presented to them.

What 3rd Realm Creations Does For You

Your business is expanding and you’re looking to branch out into new markets. Augmented and virtual reality is a rapidly expanding industry market. It is predicted that AR and VR will soon become a $150 billion industry, with large majorities of the world turning to the technology for their entertainment and information.

3rd Realm Creations is here on the ground floor to make sure that your business is prepared to be the same.  3rd Realm can help expand your product, advertise in ways never thought possible before, and cross promote your business through various mediums using the technology such as 360 degree live streaming events, augmented reality advertising, VR video gaming, virtual attractions, and more.

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